Our service philosophy at Éole France compresseurs focuses on customer satisfaction right from the pre-sales phase, by ensuring that our machines are installed in optimum conditions, as well as during the installation phase to ensure that all the required parameters are met. We also ensure after-sales service throughout the life of your plant. We also take care to provide after-sales service throughout the life of your plant, and have a network of approved specialists available to carry out any service or after-sales operations. However, the simplicity of our Éole products means that users can carry out certain periodic maintenance operations themselves. To this end, we have set up a dedicated helpline which you can reach on 01 64 44 14 91. This helpline is available to help you identify the spare parts you need, provide information on maintenance operations, and give you all the information you need throughout the life of your compressor. All spare parts are available from our branches and from most of our approved Éole France compressoragents .


Commissioning your compressor is an extremely important stage which must be carried out by authorised professionals. We recommend that you consult the “Commissioning Guide” documentation supplied with your machine. If necessary, our telephone service is available from Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm, on the following number: 01 64 44 14 91You can also contact us by email at for technical assistance. Once you have started up your new equipment, it is imperative that you complete and return to us the “Installation and Commissioning Report” This mandatory step will enable us to take into account the warranty of yourequipment.

Installation and commissioning report: click hereFirst generation commissioning guide BD range, ELAN range, MISTRAL range, ELAN range: click hereControl board 6070-6080-6090: click hereCompressed air class: click here


The 2000 or 3000 hour maintenance intervals reduce your maintenance costs, but must be respected! At the very least, the oil should be changed every year. Our compressors are designed to offer you extremely reliable operation. Our maintenance plans give you an overview of the operations to be carried out throughout the life of your compressor. In order to simplify the maintenance period, maintenance parts are sometimes grouped together in kits.

Our aim is to ensure consistency between our products, the excellent value for money of our compressors and the cost of our spare parts, so choosing an ÉOLE FRANCE COMPRESSEURS machine will be a guarantee of satisfaction for all users. To order a part, you can easily identify it with our “exploded view”leaflets


All our equipment comes with a 2-yearguarantee.Spare parts are guaranteed for 6 months. In addition, on certain compressor ranges, a 5-year extension is possible , valid for machines covered by a “contract of confidence” between the user and the Éole France compressors technical service. (Zéphyr, Magic, BD up to a limit of 2000 hours/year, Mistral and ELAN with no limit on the number of hours). All you need to do is carry out maintenance operations in accordance with the maintenance plan, using original Éole France compressor parts.


Explanation of the contract of trust!

Our machines are simple, reliable and efficient *The 5-year warranty is offered to the user, who can maintain the compressor himself if he wishes. (At least 1 telephone contact per year is therefore necessary with our technical team, who will remain at your disposal to support you or answer any questions you may have throughout the life of your machine). Éole France compresseurs will keep the machine’s tracking table up to date during the warranty period.It’s easy!Éole France Compresseurs technical service.

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