ÉOLE France Compressors

The best technologies available have been brought together and assembled by ÉOLE France Compresseurs to achieve excellence!


We offer complete solutions to enable you to create your own compressed air production plant in the best possible conditions.

ÉOLE France Compresseurs, a company based in the south of France, innovates in the compressed air market by offering machines that are conceived, designed and manufactured to give you complete satisfaction.

Our ÉOLE France Compresseurs teams, with over 30 years’ experience in the field, have developed ranges of compressors that are perfectly adapted to the needs of users.

Our compressors stand out for their simplicity of operation, maximum accessibility for maintenance operations and long-term reliability thanks to low rotation speed.

They also offer economic advantages, both in terms of initial investment and maintenance, with perfectly controlled costs for the machine and spare parts.

Even at the lowest power levels, our compressors offer exceptional performance thanks to high-performance circuit boards.

The display is an essential support for maintenance and will remain an important ally throughout the compressor’s life.

Safety is assured throughout our range thanks to a phase inversion detector that prevents the machine from operating in the event of a wiring error.

We have introduced an innovative presentation with three ranges of compressors equipped with IE4 permanent magnet motors controlled by a frequency inverter, enabling electricity bills to be reduced as never before.

The teams at ÉOLE France Compresseurs are committed to supplying machines that are reliable over time, easy to maintain and highly energy-efficient. That’s our commitment to you!

We’ve worked closely with our partners (manufacturers of motors, turntables and airends) to ensure that we can offer exceptional value for money across the full range of ÉOLE France equipment !

Drawing on our extensive experience, we’ve brought together the latest technologies to achieve the best results.

In short, our machines are simple, reliable and efficient