Amortise your compressor in just a few months!

Savings reachable for an operating base of 3000 hours per year for a price of kW/h at0.35 centimes :

7.5 kW-10CV 3 150 € / year of savings amortisation : 15 months   

11 kW-15CV 4 620 € /year of savings amortisation : 14 months  

15 kW-20 CV 6 300 € /year of savings amortisation : 11 months

22 kW-30CV 9  240 € /year of savings amortisation : 9 months

37 kW-50CV 15 540 €/ yearof savings amortisation : 8 months

The Zephyr compressor is designed to operate 3000 hours per year, which corresponds to more than 80% of the compressors installed.

It is equipped with a very high-efficiency IE4 engine and a speed dimmer to precisely adapt the operation of the compressor to your compressed air needs.

The compressor plate is equipped with clocks to automatically start and stop the machine according to customizable settings for each day of the week.

By choosing this machine, you can save up to 40% compared to a conventional screw compressor, which offers a fast return on investment, in addition, you will have access to environmental premiums (C2E).

The warranty is 5 years within the limit of 15,000 hours.

It is important not to use this compressor for use of more than 3000 hours per year and to avoid dusty environments because frequency variators are very sensitive to the environment.