Lubricated spiral compressor

HSC compressors with lubricated spirals, a revolution in the field of compressed air.


A lubricated spiral compressor is very quiet (maxi 52 dba), it is perfectly suitable for alternative operation as a replacement for a piston compressor or for continuous operation (greater than 8 hours per day).

For a similar price, the life of the compression block of the HSC compressor is between 5 times and 10 times longer than the life of a standard piston compressor.

The HSC range is available in 220 volts single-phase and 380 three-phase.

By subscribing to the maintenance monitoring plan for your machine (revision to be done once a year) enjoy a warranty of 5 years

For craftsmen, mechanical garage, technical inspection center, prototyping workshops, pressing, etc…

HSC 3 in Single-phase 220 Volt Version!

Advantage of HSC technology

  • Noise level
  • Price at cost
  • Ease of operation
  • Maintenance cost
  • 2000 hours between 2 revisions
  • Low footprint