Dryer by refrigeration

Dryer from 25 to 1100 M3/H with integrated filters

The ESD dryers are equipped with 2 integrated filters, the filter cartridges are monitored by a copping detector associated with an alarm.

Main advantages range ESD:

  • Very high quality composite resulting in reliability and longevity of the whole.
  • Ease of installation and space saving thanks to the presence of integrated filters.
  • An obvious quality, innovation, and price ratio!


A high-performance refrigeration circuit combined with perfect insulation.

ESD dryers use the refrigerant gas R134a that preserves the environment. This refrigerant is also suitable for low and high temperature applications. These excellent thermodynamic properties are its major asset. It operates at a lower pressure than other refrigerant gases, thus increasing the life of the compressor.

With the R134a, ESD dryers have the flexibility to work in high ambient temperatures.

It is not only a dryer, but an air treatment package that provides class 1.4.1 air quality according to ISO 8573:2010 through integrated filtration

Maintenance: we advise you to replace the 2 integrated cartridges every 4000 hours and at most every 2 years. (see table below).