Air tank

from 10 to 10,000 litres

These tanks are made for compressed air. Depending on flow rates and pressure, a well-calibrated storage volume will allow better regulation of the compressor, which will immediately lead to energy savings and greater flexibility of use.

When the production plant is far from a certain point of use, it may be necessary to install a tank at each end of the network, the result will be to have a more constant flow rate and pressure at any point on the network.

IMPORTANT: Tanks are subject to the legislation on pressure tanks, so a fixed tank will have to be tested every 10 years, and every 5 years for mobile tanks, intermediate visits are also mandatory.

Air tank

  • In painted steel (blue for air, green for nitrogen)
  • In galvanized steel
  • Permanent stock of 50 to 900 liters
  • Standard pressure from 50 to 900 Liters 11 Bars

*Safety valve kit and pressure gauge not included.