Sécheur par adsorption

MDD 30 à MDD 240

The modular and lightweight design of the new dryers brings a whole new concept in compressed air technology, offering total installation flexibility to meet specific needs.

The MDD dryers are delivered with 3 filters, 2 to be installed upstream of the device. (grade 1 micron + grade 0.01ppm), the last to be installed at the outlet of the air dryer intended to recover desiccant dust.


The compressed air dryers of the MDD range are designed to remove moisture using the appropriate technology to obtain dew points under pressure from -40°C to -70°C (optional, consult us)

A Crouzet dew point tipping is also available as an option at the unit price of €1,280. This process makes it possible to achieve considerable energy savings and lower operating costs, avoiding any waste of regeneration air during compressor downtime.

The dryers in the MMD range require a minimum of maintenance and can be installed virtually anywhere.

The dryers in the MMD range are composed of an upper and lower part between which is an extruded aluminum part and composed of two chambers. The upper part includes the air inlet and outlet collectors. The lower part consists of two exhaust solenoid valves and a ball-inverted valve. In operation, one chamber is in line (drying phase) while the other is in regeneration. This technique is more commonly called PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption – Adsorption by Pressure Variation).

Adsorption by pressure variation (PSA)

A small percentage of dry air is taken at the exit of the dryer and is used to regenerate the saturated chamber. This dry air relaxed at atmospheric pressure physically removes moisture from the regeneration chamber and is evacuated through the exhaust valve.