The large families of automatic purgers.

float purgers,

Do not require any electrical connection. Its only defect is that it is unable to go up the discharged condensate above the collection point, so they are difficult to associate with an autonomous air oil separator.

bleed purge solenoid valve.

Easy to use, they offer an unbeatable value for money, they make it possible to return condensate at a good distance for their treatment. However, the settings are to be adapted according to the amount of products to be evacuated because they can be expensive in air volume.

“Intelligent” bleeds equipped with a capacitive detector that controls opening and closing.

This technology offers the advantage of not consuming compressed air, but also a gentle evacuation of condensates that avoids generating emulsion, this phenomenon being difficult to compatible with standard water-oil separation devices. Capacitive purges offer very high reliability over time, also to note the presence of repair kits.