Network filter

Online filter from 25 to 2,620 M3/hour

The EFR filters, are manufactured with an aluminum envelope including different degrees of filter cartridges, all models are equipped in series with an automatic float bleer and a clopping indicator. The EFRC series (centrifugal filter) is intended to recover water in liquid phase at the outlet of the compressor or at different distribution network points.

With the EFR filters:

  • Eliminate from compressed air the pollutants present in the air that have the consequence of deteriorating pipes, pneumatic components, rotating machines.
  • Lower the maintenance costs of pneumatic appliances
  • Ensure the reliability of the operation of pneumatic devices

Pollutants to be removed:

  • Water: from the humidity contained in the air.
  • The oil: mainly from the lubrication of compressor compression chambers.
  • Particles: from ambient air and pipes
  • Bacteria with the MSS series


EFR filters are designed to meet the highest standards for compressed air treatment. The serial assembly of several filters with different grades may be necessary to ensure effective and durable treatment.

Attention the filters do not replace an air dryer, it alone by causing condensation will eliminate the moisture present in the compressed air; conversely the dryer does not replace the filters.

Industrial air quality is mainly defined by a standard (ISO 8573-1) that sets different classes in each type of pollutants.

Most used grades:

P: filtration 3 microns

X or M: 1 micron

Y or S : 0.01 Micron

A: activated carbon 0.01 Microns + oil vapor.

MSS: anti-bacterial