BELT DRIVE from 5.5 to 15 kW

Streed screw compressors with belt drive

Our range of BD compressors is a simple and economical solution for the efficient production of compressed air.

These compressors are silent, reliable and their maintenance is very simple.

Easy to install, the controller’s alarm will avoid wiring errors.

Limited and very economical maintenance.

Belt drive

  • Protection grid on the entire range
  • Very easy replacement of celts
  • Operating pressure that can evolve over time.

Mechanical ventilation and oil circuit

  • A helical fan driven by a thermostat for effective cooling.
  • Absence of a thermostatic valve limiting the cost of maintaining the compressor.
  • Rigid pipe requiring no maintenance operation

Engine class IE3, IP 54 and ISO class F

  • Consumption energy en drop. Contributes to the protection of the environment
  • Protection against dust and water
  • Engine performance class F

User-friendly and adaptive control plate

  • Optimization of operation using dcontrol plates specifically adapted to the power of the compressor.

Maintenance intervals

  • Change from filter to oil, from filter to air and from the separator once a year or 2000 hours.