ZÉPHYR T from 7.5 to 15 kW

Variable speed IE4 motor with permanent magnets on tank with air dryer

Our ZÉPHYR T plant is a “4 IN 1” ready-to-work solution.

This very compact concept allows a significant saving of space and above all an obvious time saving for its installation.


It can be installed directly near a need, and be moved easily afterwards.


A variable speed screw compressor, a refrigeration dryer, 2 filters and a tank equipped with an automatic drain is our “4 in 1” solution, ready to use and for a long time.

Technology concentrate

  • We assembled the ZÉPHYR compressor, a refrigeration dryer and 2 filters on a tank horizontal equipped with an automatic purger, all ready to be connected to your compressed air network.

Easy movement

  • A main advantage of the ZÉPHYR T range is to offer the user an obvious possibility of mobility.
  • The tank is specially designed to facilitate transport and avoid the risk of tipping.

Dryer and integrated filters = quality air

  • Refrigeration dryer using a refrigerant fluid R134 A, with a rosé point +3° C and 2 cascade-mounted filters will give very good air quality.
  • The elimination of water, avoid corrosion pipes and extend the life of tools pneumatic

Efficiency and low noise level.

  • Thanks to low rotation speed and reinforced insulation our NVPM T plants are very quiet.
  • Installation possible in the plupart of places work

The Zéphyr compressor is designed to operate 3000 hours per year, which corresponds to more than 80% of the compressors installed.

It is equipped with a very high efficiency IE4 motor and a speed dimmer to precisely adapt the operation of the compressor to your compressed air needs.

The compressor plate is equipped with clocks to automatically start and stop the machine according to customizable settings for each day of the week.

By choosing this machine, you can save up to 40% compared to a conventional screw compressor, which offers a fast return on investment, in addition, you will have access to environmental premiums (C2E).

The warranty is 5 years up to a limit of 15,000 hours.

It is important not to use this compressor for use greater than 3000 hours per year and to avoid dusty environments because frequency variators are very sensitive to the environment.