Décanteur de purge

The use of lubricated compressors results in the presence of oil in the condensates, the water law then prohibits its discharge without prior treatment.

The decanters are defined according to the flow of air produced by the compressed air plant, this flow rate according to the ambient humidity will result in a quantity of condensate that will be sent to the decanter for treatment. The treated water will then be directed to a waste water network and the oil will be recovered in a separate container.

Reminder of the water law: Législation-sur-l’eau

Condensate from compressed air often contains 99% water and 1% oil. This is why the on-site treatment of oily condensate using oil-water separation systems is always less expensive than very expensive disposal through specialized companies. By their operating principle, oil-water separation systems do not generate any energy costs.

The water thus treated can be discharged into the pipeline, without any problem. These words are confirmed by the approval granted by the German institute “Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik”.

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To ensure efficient treatment of condensate, regular maintenance of the device is necessary, the cartridge must be replaced according to the number of hours of operation of your installation.

Permanent objective: a residual oil content in water of less than 20mg/litre

A control bottle is provided with the device, it will make it possible to make effectiveness checks over time.