OFP 750 to OFP 2 x 1500

from 0,75 to 3 kW

Our OFP compressors produce clean air, 100% de-oiled, safe for the environment.

These compact compressors are used for indoor work and in the agri-food, health, chemical, aquaculture sectors. They are light, mobile, easy to maintain and simple to operate.

The compression block uses specific materials that improve its cooling and wear resistance. With an optimized dual motor shaft design, these compressors can achieve high efficiency, power, capacity and reliability with the advantages of a compact structure.

Important: the volume of tanks indicated on the general documentation concerns the standard versions, you can find different tank capacities in the online store.

The OFP range is modular, we can manufacture the machines specifically to your need, consult us.

Air 100% oil-free

  • According to ISO 8573-1 Class O
  • Reets all the expectations of industry

Low noise level