BDT from 5.5 to 7.5 kW

Screw compressors on tank with air dryer

Our BDT plant is a “4 IN 1” solution ready to work.

This very compact concept allows a significant saving of space and above all an obvious time saving for its installation.

It can be installed directly near a need, and be moved easily afterwards.

A screw compressor, a refrigeration dryer, 2 filters and a tank equipped with an automatic bleed is our “4 in 1” solution, ready to use and for a long time.

Technology concentrate

  • We assembled the Belt Drive compressor, a refrigeration dryer and 2 filters on a 300 or 500-litre horizontal tank equipped with an automatic purger, all ready to be connected to yourthe compressed air network.

Easy movement

  • Ane of the main advantages of the ECO DRIVE T range is to offer the user an obvious possibility of mobility.
  • The tank is specially designed to facilitate transport and avoid the risk of tipping.

Dryer and integrated filters = quality air

  • Refrigeration dryer using a refrigerant fluid R134 A, with a rosé point +3°C and 2 cascade-mounted filters will give a very good air quality.
  • The elimination of water, avoid corrosion pipes and extend the life of tools pneumatic

Efficiency and low noise level.

  • Thanks to low rotation speed and reinforced insulation our BDT power plants are very quiet.
  • Installation possible dans la plupart des places work

Mainten intervalsance.

  • Every 2000 hours or once a year, the original maintenance parts are offered at very studied prices.