VPM 450 G2 / 45 kW



Immediate availability

Power : 45 kW
Pressure : 7 to 12 bar
Air flow rate : 456 m3/h at 7 bar – 372 m3/h at 10 bar – 360 m3/h at 12 bar
Dimensions : 1500 x 1000 x 1195
Weight : 620 kg
Noise level : 68±3 dB
Connection Ø : 1″½ – 40/49

Technical data VPM-450 G2Plan VPM-450 G2Electrical diagram VPM-450 G2

Description of the range

MISTRAL compressors are the champions of ENERGY SAVING.

Variable speed allows the compressor to be adapted to the demand for compressed air. The savings achieved are of theorder of 50% compared to a compressorwith aconventional screw.

The permanent magnet synchronous motor increases efficiency by a further 10%, making the MISTRAL the compressor offering the best return on investment.

IE4 permanent magnet motor

  • 10%higher efficiency
  • Superiorperformance
  • Reduceddimensions for a more compact compressor

Constant efficiency

  • The original design of ourpermanent magnet motors means that the same efficiency is maintained regardless of thespeed of rotation. As a result,energy savings are constant, whatever the demand for compressed air.

Controlled ventilation

  • The fan is controlled by a variable frequency drive. The compressor maintains the exact temperature required. This again saves energy by avoiding unnecessary cooling.

Optimised air production

  • The speed of the compressor constantly adapts to the amount of air required by the network, avoiding unnecessary energy consumption.