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Voltage options: 230vac max.
Switch type: 3 positions (open/close or auto)
Cable: 5 metres
Environmental protection: ip65 (nema4)

Diagram for AS1 Diagram for AS2 Switch plan Remote switch manual

Description of the range

Remote switch for AIR-SAVER

A normal compressed air distribution installation is bound to have leaks (pipe connections, quick-release couplings, flexible hoses, hose clamps, float drains, etc.) At the end of each day or at the end of each week, installing the AIR-SAVER will isolate the compressed air production from the distribution network, thus ‘saving’ the quantity of compressed air contained in the tank and preventing the compressor(s) from starting up for nothing.

The AIR-SAVER is installed at the air receiver outlet and can be programmed to OPEN just before production starts and CLOSE just after. The remote switch allows you to control the AIR-SAVER remotely. This is useful when the AIR-SAVER is installed on a high level.