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Prices: minimum order quantity per io-key: 12 months

Every application is different. That’s why we offer a range of data tariffs with individual options, so you can configure the io-key to suit your needs. Each tariff includes the following services:

  • Provision of your personal io-key account in the ifm cloud
  • Back-up of your measurement history for up to 12 months
  • Automatic activation of comfort functions in the io-key account
  • Permanent guarantee of the security of your data on the German cloud servers
  • Fast assistance from our qualified service technicians if required
  • EDGE switching function for simple switching via the io-key account
  • Data transfer from the io-key to the ifm cloud

Cloud access and data transmission are transparently billed as part of an unlimited flat rate with different transmission intervals.

Description of the range

io-key Worldwide AIK050

Available in the following countries Australia, Canada, Malaysia, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, USA

Transmission interval1 time per day Transmission interval1 time per hour Transmission interval1 time per minute Transmission interval1 time every 10 seconds
For daily checks: – Levels – Limit levels For hourly checks: – Status – Temperature values For frequent checks: – Process values – Machine values – Position detection For critical checks: – Equipment status – Preventive maintenance – Sensor circuits – Critical monitoring
Article number : AIS950 Article number: AIS951 Article number : AIS952 Article number : AIS953