Cartridges for NF Network Filters


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Cartridges for NFfilters Specify grade: P-M-S -X-A

Description of the range

Filter cartridges should be replaced every year (at a maximum of 4,000 compressor operating hours).
Important: A visual check of the cartridge is essential, even if there is a clogging indicator, because if the cartridge is partially or totally broken, the indicator will not give any information.
NF filters are designed to meet the most stringent standards for compressed air treatment. It may be necessary to fit several filters of different grades in series to ensure effective, long-lasting treatment.

Please note that filters do not replace an air dryer, which alone will eliminate the humidity present in the compressed air by causing condensation; conversely, the dryer does not replace the filters.

Pollutants to be eliminated: Dust and oil particles produced by the compressor Grade P 3 Microns or M 1 Micron.

(defined according to the quality of the filter fitted to the compressor suction) Oil separator Grade S 0.01 mg/m3

Air Instrument Grade X must be preceded by a Grade SVapour phase oil separator Grade A known as activated carbon 0.003 mg/m3

Below are 2 technical tables to help you make your selection.

TABLEAU DES FILTRES NFfiltre grade des cartouches

Other brands on request.