MDD 180 dew point – 40°C flow rate 300 m3/H



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Description of the range

MMD range compressed air dryers are designed to remove moisture using the appropriate technology to achieve pressure dew points of -40°C (and optionally -70°C). MMD range dryers require minimal maintenance and can be installed virtually anywhere. MMD range dryers consist of a top and bottom section with an extruded aluminium section in between, comprising two chambers. The upper part contains the air inlet and outlet manifolds. The lower part consists of two exhaust solenoid valves and a reversing ball valve. In operation, one chamber is in line (drying phase) while the other is regenerating. This technique is more commonly known as PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption).

Pressure swing adsorption (PSA)

A small percentage of dry air is taken from the dryer outlet and used to regenerate the saturated chamber. This dry air, expanded to atmospheric pressure, physically removes moisture from the regeneration chamber and is exhausted through the exhaust valve.