BDT-55 / 270 control unit


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Power: 5.5 kW / 7.5 hp

Air flow: 53m3hat 7 bar / 43m3hat 10 bar / 30m3hat 12 bar

Dimensions :

Tank: 270 litres

Air treatment: Dryer + 2 filters

Weight: 450 kg

Noise level: 62 dB

Dimensions: 1495 / 660 / 1485 (mm)

270L tank top BDT-55 G2

Description of the range

Our BDT control unit is a ready-to-use “4 IN 1” solution.

This very compact concept saves a lot of space and time when it comes to installation.

It can be installed close to where it’s needed, and then moved easily.

A screw compressor, a refrigeration dryer, 2 filters and a tank fitted with an automatic drain – that’s our “4 in 1” solution, ready to use for a long time to come.

Concentrated technology

  • We’ve assembled the Belt drive compressor, a refrigeration dryer and 2 filters on a 300-litre horizontal tank fitted with an automatic air vent, all ready to be connected to your compressed air network.

Easy to move

  • One of the main advantages of the BDT range is that it allows users to move around easily.
  • The tank is specially designed for easy transport and to avoid the risk of tipping.

Integrated dryer and filters = quality air

  • Refrigeration dryer using R134 A refrigerant, with a dew point of +3°C and 2 filters mounted in cascade will give very good air quality.
  • The elimination of water will prevent hose corrosion and extend the life of pneumatic tools.

Efficiency and low noise level.

  • Thanks to their low rotation speed and reinforced insulation, our BDT units are very quiet.
  • Can beinstalled in most workplaces

Extended maintenance intervals

  • Every 2000 hours or once a year, original maintenance parts are offered at very competitive prices.