BD-150 15 kW / 20 Hp G2


Immediate availability

Power : 15 kW
Air flow rate : 132 m3/h 7 bar – 120 m3/h at 10 bar – 102 m3/h at 12 bar
Dimensions : 850 / 810 / 970 (mm)
Weight : 285 kg
Noise level : 65±3 dB

Technical data BD-150 G2

DrawingBD-150 G2

Commercial document BD-150 G2

Description of the range

Our range of BDcompressors is a simple, cost-effective solution for the efficient production of compressed air.

These compressors are quiet, reliable and easy to maintain.

Easy to install, the controller alarm will prevent wiring errors.

Low maintenance and very economical.

Belt drive

  • Protective grille throughout the range
  • Very easy beltreplacement
  • Operating pressure can change over time.

Mechanical ventilation and oil circuit

  • A thermostatically-controlled helical fan for efficient cooling.
  • No thermostatic valve, limiting compressor maintenance costs.
  • Rigid piping requiring no maintenance.

Motor class IE3, IP 54 and ISO class F

  • Lower energyconsumption . Contributes to environmental protection
  • Protection against dust and water
  • Class Fmotor performance

User-friendly, adaptive control board

  • Optimised operation usingcontrol boards specifically adapted to the compressor power.

Maintenance intervals

  • Change oil filter , air filter and separator once a year or 2000 hours .