OFP 3 X 1500 W / 105 Litres


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Power: 4500 W
Tank: 105 Litres
Pressure: 8 bar
Air flow: 540 Litres/mn
Dimensions: 1200/400/800 (mm)
Weight: 150 kg
Noise level: 68 dB
Power supply: 400 Volt three-phase.

Description of the range

Our OFP compressors produce dry, 100% de-oiled air that is harmless to the environment. These compact compressors are used for indoor applications and in the agri-food, health, chemical and aquaculture sectors. They are lightweight, mobile, easy to maintain and simple to operate, and the airend uses special materials to improve cooling and wear resistance. With an optimised twin-shaft design, these compressors can achieve high efficiency, power, capacity and reliability with the advantages of a compact structure. By adding a suitable treatment device, OFP units can be used in the medical field (dental surgery, for example).

100% oil-free air

  • in accordance with ISO 8573-1 Class O
  • Meets all industryrequirements

Low noise level