Oil syringe 500ML



Immediate availability
  • Material Plastic
  • Product dimensions 36L x 6.5l centimetres
  • Item volume 500 Millilitres

Description of the range

Manufactured from high quality plastic and equipped with spare parts, this oil syringe is made from durable EPDM. It has integral double rubber bushes, which fit snugly around the plunger to prevent leakage. What’s more, it comes with 2 spare rubber rings to extend its life.

Easy to clean and reusable, its locking design means you simply push the hose into the end of the pump and it automatically locks into place. So you never have to worry about it coming loose or accidentally popping out when you’re using it to fill containers.

Easy to handle, this fluid extraction pump works like a simple syringe action, allowing fluid to be extracted and refilled in either direction using a differential extractor dispenser, quickly and easily. It is ideal for emptying or filling the main tank and other tanks. The transparent body of the bottle features a measuring scale so you can check the state of the extracted liquid at any time, giving you greater control over the quantity extracted.

Versatile, it is ideal for extracting or changing oil for piston compressors, screws, etc. and lubricants for ATVs, boats, agricultural equipment, industrial gearboxes, motor vehicles, motorbikes, motor homes, etc. It can be used with engine oil, gear oil, gearbox oil, including chemical-resistant oils, brake fluid, diesel fuel, coolants, hydraulic systems and water, among others.