Éole ELAN 750 / 75 kW screw compressor



Immediate availability

Power: 75 kW
Air flow: 850m3hat 7 bar / 680m3hat 10 bar / 618m3hat 12 bar
Dimensions: 2000 / 1210 / 1754 (mm)
Weight: 1660 kg
Noise level: 72 dB

Technical data DD-750 G1

Plan DD-750 G1

Description of the range

Our range of ELANcompressors is designed to offer rock-solid reliability.

A semi-elastic direct coupling between the motor and compressor ensures excellent efficiency.

One compressor block size per motor to optimise performance

No energy loss in the transmission

  • The direct coupling limits energy losses, with rotation speeds of 2950 rpm.

Reduced maintenance costs

  • Maintenance intervals
  • Longer service life for motor bearings and compression block.

IE3 motor and oversized fans

  • High efficiency
  • Reducedenergy consumption
  • Excellent machine cooling for longer service life

Easy-to-use EOLE MAM 880 controller

  • Clear display of all parameters
  • Temperature, pressure, amperage
  • Total hours and hours on load
  • Automatic maintenance reminder
  • Safety device in case of wiring error
  • Local or remote start/stop

Very good accessibility

  • The compressor casing can be completely removed, giving access to all compressor components.