EDX 0830 → 950 mᵌ/h


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Dimensions (mm): 1025 x 616 x 840

Weight: 144 kg

Connections (Inch): 2

Power supply (V/ph/Hz): 230/1/50

Max power: 3.2 kW

Max current: 16.1 A

Refrigerant type: R513a

Plan EDX 0600to 0830Exploded

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PID EDX0030 to 0830

Electrical diagramEDX 0400to 0830

Description of the range

Discover the EDX air dryer, designed with an exemplary environmental approach. Using R513A refrigerant, with an ODP of 0 and a low GWP, this product requires no special installation procedures in your technical premises.

Our EDX line of dryers uses direct expansion refrigeration to effectively dry compressed air upstream of the network. Thanks to its efficient refrigeration system and our patented 3-in-1 heat exchanger, drying takes place by countercurrent heat exchange over the entire surface, guaranteeing an optimum pressure dew point, whatever the configuration of the installation. The stainless steel plate heat exchanger comprises an air/air exchanger to pre-cool the saturated humid air and an air/refrigerant exchanger to cool the compressed air to +3°C, allowing moisture to be removed via an integrated separator. This patented system ensures efficient cooling whatever the air inlet and ambient temperature conditions, while minimising resistance to compressed air flow, thus reducing pressure drops.

EDX dryers are equipped with 2 integrated filters, and the filter cartridges are monitored by a clogging detector associated with an alarm.